How to choose your perfect baby changing bag

How to choose your perfect baby changing bag

There is so much choice when it comes to baby changing bags that we are often asked by customers to help them choose one that is right for them. We usually ask them 5 questions to help guide them towards their perfect bag.

We’ve decided to share these questions with you all in case you’re in the same situation and don’t know where to start when choosing a bag. We’re always happy to talk through the options with you, so please do not hesitate to call us if you have any questions (+44 20 7731 8201) or message us and we will call you back.

  1.  What type of handbags do you like?
    It sounds like an obvious question but this really can help narrow down options. Think about what sort of bags you tend to like: Big or small? 
    Bright or neutral colours? Classic or trendy? Smart or casual?
    The capacity of our changing bags vary greatly. If you usually prefer larger bags, then you might like the PacaPod Mirano (£99) which has a capacity of 44 litres (including the unique changing and feeding pods). If you like to carry a smaller bag, the Babymel Satchel (£45) is ideal. It contains all the essential features such as side pockets, changing mat and bottle holder/pocket but is smaller in size than others.
    We aim to cater for all tastes in our collection so hopefully there will be a style that suits your tastes!

PacaPod Mirano Navy

PacaPod Mirano Navy, £99

  1. Will anyone else be using the changing bag apart from you?
    This is particularly relevant if you plan to share a changing bag with your husband or partner. Many of our changing bags are unisex, the most popular choices being the Storksak Aubrey (£78) and Skip Hop Messenger (£55).

Storksak Aubrey Black

Storksak Aubrey (Black), £78 (also available in Khaki)

  1. How many children will you be using the bag for?
    If you are using the changing bag to carry items for more than one child, it would be sensible to choose one of our bigger changing bags (see comments in paragraph 1 above regarding size). The biggest bags in our collection are: PacaPod Mirano (£99), PacaPod Napier (£85), Storksak Noa (£75) and Babymel Cara Stripe (£58).
    Storksak Noa Coral


Storksak Noa in coral, also available in navy, with its handy removable organiser, £75

  1. Do you want a bag that you can use when you’re out without your child?
    Would you a bag that you can use for an evening out without your baby or for a weekend away? Most of our changing bags are very versatile and some of them are regularly mistaken for handbags or laptop bags. Our favourite ‘handbag style’ changing bag is the Babymel Grace Tan (£62). The Storksak Noa (£75) contains a handy mini-organiser bag that you can store baby items in and can be removed from the bag if you’re going out without your child!


Babymel Grace Tan, £62

  1. What’s your lifestyle like?
    All of our bags can be clipped on to a pram so you don’t have to worry about carrying your baby changing bag when out with your pram. For the times that you will be carrying the bag separately, think about whether you would like a bag with a longer strap (that you can put over your shoulder or across your body) or whether you prefer to carry the bag in your hand. Or, if you want to keep your hands free, we have a Babymel Harlow rucksack (£55)!

Harlow Navy FOR CYO 562 X 654

Babymel Harlow rucksack, £55

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