Big Brother Gift ideas

Sometimes being a brother is even better than being a superhero

This may not be how a big brother feels immediately when a new baby arrives in the family. The early days may be turbulent as the big brother adjusts to having to compete for his parents’ attention. But, as time goes on, the big brother may realise that the new addition to the family is one of the greatest gifts he could have ever wished for.

One way to ‘soften the blow’ to the big brother when the new baby arrives is to focus on his new role as a big brother. To celebrate his promotion to big brother, parents often give the big brother a gift from the new baby. When visiting a friend or family who has a new baby, it is a nice touch and one that will be really appreciated by the parents, to bring a small gift for the big brother or big sister too so they don’t feel left out. Big brother gifts have two main purposes:

  1. To make the big brother feel special and proud of his new role. Try to choose gifts that refer to the big brother, for example, a big brother t-shirt or book about being a big brother.
  2. To keep him entertained during the busy period after the new baby arrives. Toys or books that the big brother can use himself, without a parent’s involvement, are ideal. For example, a big brother can get endless fun out of a Galt Toys Water Magic Colouring Book.big-brother-gift-ideas

The Essential Bag Company’s range of Big Brother Bags feature the popular Skip Hop Zoo backpacks filled with beautiful gifts for the big brother including a Big Brother T-shirt, a “I’m a New Big Brother” book, toys by Playmobil, Galt Toys and Jellycat, and healthy treats from Bear Nibbles. Prices start at £19.


Below you will find some of our pre packed gift ideas (click on each image to see whats included)