Gift Ideas for New Dads

Gift Ideas for New DadsHow many times have you visited a new baby and brought a gift for the new father? I admit that I have only started doing this recently. But, from my experience of doing so, the new father is always very pleased that you’ve remembered him and made him feel part of this momentous occasion!

But what do you buy a new father? When it comes to buying a gift for a new baby or a new mother, we have an endless choice. Here are my top 5 tips to help you choose a great gift for a new father:


1.     Make sure the item really is masculine

So often baby related products are described as ‘unisex’ but no father that I know would ever use the item. The worst offender is the changing bag. A new father will be delighted to receive his own baby changing bag but, when choosing one, make sure it really is masculine. In my opinion, the litmus test is “Would the man carry the bag if they didn’t have a baby?”. If he would then it passes the test. A very popular male changing bag is the Storksak Aubrey which comes in both black and khaki colours.

2.     Give something that the father can use with the baby

Balls, books and toys are perfect!  In fact, anything that allows the father to interact with the new baby. This encourages them to spend time together and build a special bond. Fathers often like to help with bath time so a nice idea might be a bath book to read together.

3.     A smile happens in a flash. Its memory lasts forever…

Everyone loves photos when there is a new baby in the house. Even the most camera shy start clicking once there is a cute baby around. A simple gift for any new father is a photo frame with a photo of their little angel in it. My favourite is a travel leather photo frame by Aspinal of London which new fathers can put on their desk or carry with them when they travel.

4.     Don’t forget a user manual!

Babies really should come with one… New fathers often want to get involved in their baby’s life right from the beginning but are nervous that they will do things wrong.  The New Dad’s Survival Guide by Rob Kemp is a fantastic gift for an expectant or new father. It is written by a dad and covers all the essentials on what to expect in the first year and beyond.

5.     Capture all of the above…

Let us take the stress out of choosing gifts for the new father by sending one of our New Father Bags. You can choose from our ready made bags or you can create your own by choosing the changing bag and the contents.


The Essential Bag Company’s range of New Father Bags are popular men’s baby changing bags from Storksak and Skip Hop filled with luxury gifts for the new father and baby including a copy of The New Dad’s Survival Guide by Ross Kemp, a leather travel photo frame by Aspinal of London, a Super Daddy mug from Big Tomato Company and chocolates from Charbonnel et Walker. Prices start at £69.


Below you will find some of our pre packed gift ideas (click on each image to see whats included)